Dear Families,

We’re pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for our students, faculty, staff, and families as we embark on a new educational model for our school district.

As per School Committee approval earlier this spring, starting in the fall of the 2024-2025 school year, the district will operate a new grade reconfiguration with three buildings including one school for grades PreK-2 (Brayton Elementary School), one school for grades 3-6 (Colegrove Park Elementary School), and a comprehensive 7-12 high school (Drury High School).

The benefits of operating grade-span schools include:

  • All students in each grade move together as a cohort, creating an increased sense of community

  • Targeted, integrated approach for special education needs

  • Increased educator collaboration opportunities in each grade level

  • Enhanced flexibility for administrators to adjust grade levels annually amidst fluctuating class sizes

By moving to a model where grades PreK–2 are housed separately from grades 3–6, similar academic and social-emotional functions of school are grouped together to give students a cohesive learning experience that supports student development at each grade level. Brayton Elementary School for grades PreK-2 will focus on early literacy and numeracy skill development, readiness for learning, and social and emotional learning. Colegrove Park Elementary School for grades 3-6 will focus on the application of early learning, demonstration of knowledge using project-based learning, and overall well-being as individuals and as part of a community of learners.

Berkshire County Regional Planning Commission has been very active in reviewing the impact our declining population and subsequent declining student enrollment have on school districts across the region. Additionally, we have been monitoring the aging of the Greylock Elementary School facility and the increased maintenance costs associated with the necessary repairs. After careful consideration of these factors, including budgetary restraints, the decision was made by our School Committee earlier this spring to close Greylock Elementary School at the end of this school year while moving to our new grade-span model.

The School Building Committee continues to meet in hopes of building a new PreK-2 school on the Greylock Elementary School property. More information about the finalized proposed project, funding resources, and community vote slated for early fall will be released at the beginning of July.